Thursday, April 7, 2011

Would you like Sprinkles?

After receiving and responding to many of your questions ranging from work to diapers to birthdays to photos I have finally decided to act on a new blog project I have been kicking around. Please bare with me while I take on this new challenge and work to turn this blog into an adventure that I hope you will all want to take with me. Stay tuned.

As for today, let's discuss the "Mommy Brain" which can be translated into "I have totally lost my mind," "I think I am going crazy," "How am I supposed to take on one more thing and keep everything straight" or sometimes just the excuse to get out of something!

Ever let your child play with your keys and shut the door just in time to hear the beep beep? And then bounced around like a frantic monkey trying to get them to press the 'other' button so you did not have to break a window? Or maybe you took the locking mania to another level like yours truly and in an effort to keep the boogie man out while you are at home by yourself with a little one for the first time. Maybe you too locked yourself outside of the house while peering inside at your son from a nearby window with the constable waiting on your sister-in-law who lives across town to come to your rescue. Tip: Make sure someone within a 5 mile radius has a spare key to your home and your car! Victim of mommy brain. And I know... You would NEVER lock your kid in the car or God forbid the house because you are super mommy, but neither would I.

Last weekend another mommy fell victim to the effects of the mommy brain. While trying to get the house clean, setting up the perfect play spot with all the right toys, filling the cooler with drinks and juice, setting out an array of appetizers for all age groups, grocery shopping, and in true Martha Steward fashion baking sugar cookies for decorating... she lost her car keys. How in the world could you lose your keys? Not like you had a million things going on at once. This is when we have to stick together as moms because no one else truly gets it. Because not only were there a million tasks to juggle there was also a time clock ticking in the background. Ticking for nap, ticking for daycare, ticking for shopping... for cookies in the oven... for the playdate to begin and who knows what other ticking clocks were going off in her personal and professional life.

So, after a car rescue and pickup the crew began to show up and just like the perfect mom everything was right on time and ready for a playful afternoon.

Wyatt so loved his basketball and when anyone tried to take it away he started to spin. How do they come up with these moves all by themselves? You could not help but burst into laughter! Wyatt has the cutest little grunt and raspy voice. We are sure to be hearing him on the radio or a voiceover on the latest cartoon movie.
Sam, too, is all boy. Firetrucks and cars and...the lid the drumset which he smashed up to his face and put us all into a fit of giggles. Of course our reaction created more smashing... in our house we have a saying of "I funny!" and yes, Sam was adorably funny!
The older kids took a seat at the table and began decorating Easter cookies. Would you like a cookie with those sprinkles?
It was the perfect activity and everyone had a ball squeezing and shaking all the fixings.
Even Liam and Wyatt took a turn at the table. Claire and I both reached for the white icing to be on the safe side!
More "One Finger" Tasks
I am pretty certain that Wyatt had no complaints about his first cookie experience. Bring on the birthday cake mom!
And little Hunter was really enjoying himself in the middle of all the toys. He was super laid back and so happy! Such a sweetheart.
When the kids headed up to the playroom I noticed little man taking in all the downstairs toys to himself. Victory!
Keys? Found them!!! On the window seal. Why you ask? Yet another task to add to the list: moving the water hose.

When the boys showed up after work it was like none of this had ever happened and they all enjoyed a beer in typical daddy fashion.

I will throw them a little bone because they did pass out the 5 o'clock wine and take the kids outside to give us a little breather. They really are great dads!

Thanks Ashley for hosting such a fun afternoon!

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