Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pizza, Pizza

After hosting the trunk show, we emptied the machine contents into pitchers. No margarita was wasted! Bill and I invited several couples over to help us drink up and order pizza for a casual, low-key evening. Which as you know from my earlier, 15 month post our Friday was anything but low-key. So, after Wyatt's photoshoot, we met up at the house with the Robbins family for a do-over!

Wyatt and Sam are only 4 days apart and Liam is a little over 3 months ahead. I am not sure why I had not realized it before, but this puts our boys in the same class! This was such an exciting discovery!

The boys were loving the new playroom.
And I bet we pulled out every riding/pushing toy we own to coax the youngests into walking before their first birthdays next month! Warning - walking may cause ER visits!
Since the big people ordered pizza, I saw no reason why three little boys would not be able to partake in the pizza party! We heated up three Earth's Best Organic, mini pizzas and they were in love!
Sam was even passing up the sweet stuff for a tasty cheese pizza. Of course Liam was double-fisting!
I believe that we will have many more pizza nights to come. However, I fear they will neither be mini or organic!

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  1. Darling post! Such a sweet thing to have good friends with boys the same age. You're right...many more pizza parties in the future, but the boys' pizza budget will need to be much bigger! ;)