Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Spheres

I have a lot of catching up to do...

I don't understand why there are people that go so far out of their way to make a statement. How candy-filled eggs became the target of yet another political cause. I believe that the true cause for concern in our schools is not what we are going to call plastic eggs, but the thousands of teachers and educators that are losing their jobs right now. Not to mention pulling our God out of one more holiday tradition. We will continue to hunt for Easter eggs and celebrate the true meaning of Easter this year. Jesus has risen!

To start off our celebration, we attended the neighborhood Easter egg hunt last Sunday.

I purchased the most adorable monogrammed basket from Pottery Barn kids weeks ago in preparation for Liam's first hunt, even though I knew it would be mom and dad who actually carried the basket. We showed up just in time for the Easter Bunny's arrival!
He was so sweet to Liam, pointing out several of the hidden eggs. Turns out the Easter Bunny is one, hysterical bunny. Liam couldn't quit giggling at him everytime he got close!
We lined up with our "under 2" age group preparing to take photos of Liam digging in the dirt or pulling at the grass. But our little guy wasted no time at all. He knew exactly what to do! He toddled past all the others and immediately started gathering up the eggs and placing them into his basket. We are a collector of things, so I should have known this activity would play to his strengths. I was thrilled to just watch his little mind work as he placed each egg in, with a little basket help from dad!
And then we discovered what came inside the Easter egg... chocolate! Sunshine melted Hershey kisses. Yum!
Our friend Wyatt joined in on the fun after his nap. It took him a little bit to understand why he was woken up for a pink-bellied furry guy with ears. And no more eggs to hunt at that!
We are so blessed to live so close to Claire, James and Wyatt. We just love the Ellison family!
Elise did an amazing job with the Easter Egg hunt this year. They had an egg toss, photos with the bunny, jellybean guessing game and so many goodies!
After getting our cotton tails wet with the first successful Easter egg hunt, we were ready for more Easter celebrations at Liam's school. I struggle every holiday to find age appropriate gifts for all of Liam's friends as well as a thoughtful enough present to show how much I appreciate his teachers. My mom actually helped me with this year's little gifts after discovering painted egg shakers that came in their own, special wooden box.
For the teachers, I found these beautiful holding crosses made from an olive tree in Bethlehem. I packaged them in adorable butterfly sacks that I found at my favorite Target!
Even though Liam is not old enough to prance down the aisle in a homemade Easter bonnet/hat this year, I didn't want to miss the school Easter parade.
One by one, the children brought their hand-picked flowers and lit up with a smile as their bouquet was placed carefully onto the cross. The living, flowering cross visually represents the new life of Jesus.
They all sang Bible songs and listened as the Executive Director spoke about the meaning of Easter, in children's terms of course, and then she brought out a basket filled with "spring spheres." Her message was focused on new life and how mommy hens sit on their eggs until their little baby chicks hatch. I am so thankful that Liam is surrounded by this message while at school and learning and growing in a loving, Christian environment that hunts Easter eggs!
Liam helped to snap this shot after complaining about being in the buggy since his mommy was there. It wasn't until I pulled it off the camera that I realized what a beautiful photo it made. My little photographer in the making!


  1. Beautiful always!

  2. Love this post!! Beautiful thoughts and priorities, beautiful mommy! Great pic of you two with the flowered cross. Like the one Liam took, too! I still say he has a future in the eTrade baby the shot of him looking at his buddy in the big stroller...priceless expression! ;)
    Thanks again for the wonderful window into your sweet family world. It's a special gift to all of us.
    Love you!