Monday, May 21, 2012

Harper's Candyland

Harper celebrated her second birthday in Candy Cane Forest just around Gum Drop Mountain! This little lady in curls with melt your heart! And her mommy is one of the most beautiful people inside and out. We miss our little stars class so so much and there is nothing quite like the bond these children have with one another. Our precious, precious babies are 2!!
By her request, the guests all wore orange which made everything color coordinated! And if you have never had the pleasure of attending one of Harper's birthdays(like the one at the end of this post)... let me just tell you that mommy pulls out all the stops. Snow cones, Bubble Station, sticker station, fishing for prizes in mini pools, candy bar, cake pops and cupcakes, bounce house, colors and crafts, take home gumball machines... all amongst the playground! We totally had a golden ticket to Wonka's World... I thought one of the most adorable touches was the Guest Sign-In. There was a large gumball machine drawn on a piece of paper and each guest picked an ink pad and stamped their finger for a gumball. What a great way to remember the birthday.
Liam had an absolute blast at the bubble station. We tried and tried to get him interested in another activity, but always back to the bubbles.. even a snowcone wouldn't take him away! We did manage to have him fish in the pond... but only because his best buddy Jack was!
I love that everytime we pass Harper in the hall, Liam points and shouts "Ha - per!!!" It was one wonderful day of celebration... Thank you for including us. Happy Birthday sweet girl!

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