Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pamper Party

Two of my very best friends are having second boys this summer and I could not be more thrilled for them! Like over the moon happy for them. On May 6, we got together to "Pamper" Carin before her baby arrived. Ryne has since made his arrival and he is simply PERFECT. I will hopefully blog about him later...
It was the best afternoon for relaxing and catching up with friends. We had an aqua and green theme and I think everything turned out really cute. I even tried my hand at my very first diaper cake! You may not need much when preparing for a second baby boy... but diapers is definately on the list. And of course a snazzy new delivery gown to replace those aweful hospital issued mumus. One of my favorite touches was the little spa giveaway to one of the guests instead of party favors. And Tina's cupcakes were sinful they were so good.
I feel so abundantly blessed to have Carin in my life. To share in the same values and be there for encouragement through all of these trials as women from children to working moms to childcare to life. Do you think we talk too much if when the phone rings my son either says GiGi (my mom) or Miss Carin? Words cannot express how excited I am for her. She is an amazing mom.
I am so glad that we got to celebrate this new baby boy. I am so glad that we got to celebrate Carin during this exciting time her life. Their family of 3 (and well Luther) has now become 4. Congratulations sweet friend!

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