Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter this year was packed full of activity. Our neighborhood continued the traditional Easter egg hunt and the big hit was finding precious "gold" coins hidden inside the eggs. Liam was quick to remember how to hunt and went running to fill up his basket until of course he got a glimpse of the playground swing set... and that was the end of it. Unlike last year, Liam was not a fan of the man in the bunny suit. Sure, a thumbs up or a high five was fine.. but no way would he sit in his lap.
I still love our neighborhood. I love all the families and taking Liam down to the pond to feed the ducks. It has been a wonderful place to raise Liam. A small town feel in such a big city. We have recently started playing with the idea of moving... just talking about it. And I will say that it will be difficult to leave when the time comes. The way this market is working, it may be 2-3 years... haha... but still.
Next on the agenda was the school Easter parade in which we were to create an Easter "bonnet" for our children to wear. You are probably thinking the same thing that I did, which is how in the world I would create an Easter bonnet for my SON. Flowers and bunnies and lace ribbons would have gotten me in major trouble with the Mr. So, I pushed my cart up and down the aisle of Hobby Lobby trying to come up with something.. anything at all that would work. Feather boa? Green grass? nothing. So I decided to wonder over to the creepy aisles. You know those that have the doll heads in plastic and little toy furniture for houses? I got a few stares as if to warn me that I had taken the wrong turn and made it to the end where I hit the jackpot! Bumblebees and ladybugs and birds and nests... the perfect accessory for a manly bonnet! All hot-glued on an army hat just to ensure the proper approval. Some of the boy's moms were so creative and I wish I had gotten more photographs. Plastic eggs glued onto a cowboy hat - why didn't I think of that? And I kid you not this one little one had a hat made completely from those pom pom balls into the shape of a chicken. I never realized the competition was so fierce!

They all looked so precious carrying their flowers. Liam had a little trouble understanding that he had to give his flower to Jesus. And we may or may not have had a minor meltdown followed after by a covert operation "Steal back the flower from the cross." After a little explaining and a pouty lip, Liam finally agreed to let Jesus have his yellow daisy.
The next weekend was really busy as my brother had just moved into a new apartment... further away (tear) and both sets of grandparents were in town. Liam isn't spoiled at all to receive three Easter baskets each with their own twists. I think it is fun to combine family traditions. Liam had his first solid chocolate bunny from Mea and Pop and went for the ears first. Gigi and Pappa brought some of our old favorites like the Gerdie ball and bath toys followed by a talking Thumper. I also have to thank Gigi for the catchable bubbles.. they are so cool, but leave this crazy plastic film behind on anything they "catch" whether that be your finger, your hair, or mommy's antique table!

On Sunday, the "Easter bunny" was so excited to assemble her basket of goodies for Bill and Liam. She gathers little items all season to create the perfect assortment and loves the challenge of finding smaller items that will fit into an egg. I get it from my mom. Every holiday was made so special for us. Every single one. Whether it be Valentine's or Halloween or Easter, there was always a project and always a special treat. I want Liam to have those same special memories. Unfortunately, daddy bunny was sick with a fever and tonsillitis that morning, but I still think he liked his basket of Toms, plaid summer shorts in 2 sizes smaller (way to go Bill) and eggs filled with Starbucks giftcards.

As for Liam's basket, we may have gone a little overboard... wink! Learning Express had an amazing deal this year where you chose a bucket to fill and as long as you spent $25, they would give you a personalized bucket for free. I got these adorable eggs that spoke phrases like "Yoo Hoo... I am over here, "I'm hiding," and "You found me!" Then there were bubbles, a firetruck, stuffed bunny, Easter book, and so much more. I added the Melissa and Doug icecream set for his kitchen. Only $25... whoops... I found all sorts of things from the Cars movie to put into larger eggs and then stuffed egg-shaped sidewalk chalk into a few as well. The biggest hit was the Woody doll from Toy Story. Liam's friend Ella had given him Buzz for his birthday and it is one of his favorite toys so when I found Woody, I knew I had to save it for his basket. When he walked into the living room to see what the Easter bunny had left (yes dad, we rang the doorbell! another family tradition that I find hilarious... I mean, a bunny rings the doorbell?), Liam went straight for the Woody doll. The reaction I was hoping for!
We ended our Easter Sunday with a perfect family lunch at grandmama Margaret's. And even though we were not able to attend the Easter service this year due to illness, we did not forget to the true meaning of Easter and to thank Him for our many blessings. He has Risen indeed. "God has done wonderful things for us and we are filled with joy!" Ps 126:3

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  1. You and and your always exaggerated gift baskets! :)