Friday, May 11, 2012

Rodeo 2012

I love the rodeo... it makes me feel like a true Texan! The Houston rodeo is always so much fun and I get all excited to wear my cowboy boots. I posted our glimpse photo from that week as the boys looked on at the Ferris Wheel, but I have been so far behind in posts, that i never posted the photos from our rodeo day with the Domann family and the round-up activities at Liam's school. It seems every year we attend at least one of the concerts, but our schedules made this year's rodeo seem like a blink in time.

I love seeing all the kids in their western gear. I get such a kick out of their pint-sized boots. This year we took Liam to Cavendars to choose his own boots. Bad Idea. His first choice were the red, roper pair which daddy was quick to veto! He finally settled on a pair of "ostrich" to be just like dad (don't worry, his were fake). He took them up to the lady at the counter and informed her that "Biam wear boots like daddy!" Luckily we have had lots of cowboy practice with the spring horse and cowboy hats we received at Christmas. The final touch were the boots and he was truly a cowboy.

In Houston, we celebrate Go Texan day and everyone wears their best western gear. I sent plastic cowboy hats to the school and all of the kids loved them. Somehow I am not sure lime green hats with smiley faces scream cowboy, but sure didn't mind. That evening the school put on a celebration with a BBQ meal, petting zoo, games, and even pony rides! Liam loved riding the horse the very best, second only to chasing the crazy-haired duck in the petting zoo. We ended the evening with a marshmallow roast by the fire. It was the perfect evening.

The day that we chose to take the boys to the rodeo, it was particularly crowded. Seas of people. But our little guys had a great time going through the maze to pick vegetables, milk the cow, dig through corn feed, and drive the tractors. It was a whole different play world for them now that they are two. Last year they were happy to simply run through the hay, but this year they actually participated in the activities which was really fun. (we missed you, Noah!)
We didn't do the fortune telling game this year, but we did stumble across a spin art booth and decided to take a break from the heat. The boys chose their colors and squeezed out the paint onto spinning white cards below. We may have used a bit too much paint on the first try, but in the end, they turned out really neat. They were pretty proud of their paintings.
And we couldn't leave the rodeo without riding a "horse" of course!
We had the best time with the Domann's. We are so grateful for their friendship and for being able to share in these experiences together. Until next year...

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