Friday, May 18, 2012

Baby Q

I mentioned in my last post that two of my very best friends were having second boys... Pretty soon we are going to have an entire football team! wink... Oh Ashley... I am so excited for you! It seems like yesterday we were welcoming Noah into the world. That perfect little boy with a head full of gorgeous, dark brown hair. I remember getting the call and running out into the yard screaming at Bill as he was mowing that baby Kerr was here! I am pretty sure I scared him to death! It is incredible how much our lives have been changed in just 3 years and in just a few short weeks you are going to have a family of 4! I cannot wait to meet him.

When it comes to party planning... it doesn't get much better than Aunt Colie (Nicole Smith Designs). For this very special Baby-Q, we started with our very own inspiration board to get the juices flowing. I love all of the special touches Nicole designed from water bottle labels, to placecards, to the Kerr glass jars. The color scheme was just beautiful and everything was perfectly set in Amelia's new home. I still have kitchen envy. We served baby burgers (sliders whose aroma filled the room), potato salad, and mini pecan pie bites from Alisa's kitchen that were to die for.
It was such a fun evening with friends. We giggled and laughed amongst the thunder and lightening. There was going to be no rain on this parade!
 Ashley and Ben were the first to become parents in this little group... and they have certainly set the bar high! They are amazing parents. I have leaned on you so much... from picking out bottles to daycare to runny noses... I am so THANKFUL for you. Thank you for always being there.
Congratulations Kerr family. We love you!

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