Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rainbow Eggs

I mentioned in my last post how my mom always had fun projects for us at each holiday. One of fondest memories was the time that she helped our entire class make paper-mache pumpkins that then mildewed over the weekend because there was no air circulation. I remember how incredibly fun it was, but I am sure all my mom can remember is that dreadful smell permeating the classroom when we returned on Monday! Disaster or not, it will be a memory that stays with me a lifetime.

Liam is getting to the age that we are able to do more activities and it thrills me! For Christmas we painted pottery mugs, we had several crafts like glitter train wheels for his birthday in January, there was crayon shaped hearts for Valentine's Day and then painting the egg-shaped chalkboards for Easter. But how can you have Easter without those colorful plastic cups and wire octagons? The ones so flimsy that you splash the dark green, vinegar water all over yourself because the egg is too heavy for the wire to hold. I bought a tie-dye Easter kit, but as you can tell from the photos... that was very unsuccessful.

The classic colored cups were perfect and Liam was fascinated by the way the tablets changed the water colors and oohed and ahhhed when we pulled the white eggs from the cup and they all of the colors of the rainbow! I think he would have dyed eggs all afternoon. I know one thing is for sure, his GiGi is going to be very proud of his color wheel in the future. Ever since he was a tiny little thing, he has been a master of colors. Even grey, pink, and gold... most recently we were informed that his shirt was turquoise... But if you really think about it, it isn't surprising. With an artist for a grandmother, that is totally normal I think. It will be interesting to see if he is also left handed!
Come to think of it, I maybe should have let Liam tie-dye the eggs.. he probably would have been better at it than me!


  1. Looks like dad was in on the fun too! Can't wait to see what y'all do with the clay I brought home! Let's hide it from Bill though! Teehee! Remember making mosaic crosses? I don't thk all of them got grouted....hmmmmm XOXO Gigi

  2. bill said it's art that we cannot appreciate and in 40 years his art too will sell for $120 million! The grapefruit in a bowl.... wink!