Saturday, January 8, 2011

Two New Firsts

When we returned home, we had some pretty big first around the Robinson household. Liam had been taking a few steps here and there. Mostly from the coffee table to the sofa. When I mean a few steps, I mean just enough to launch himself forward allowing the sofa to catch his fall. Then, over Christmas we spent some time with my uncle who started this whole "walking" thing. He is an awesome teacher. Awesome coach. Such patience. And Liam would try anything for him. So, to prove to him that he had come a long way from Thanksgiving... Liam popped up and took 4-5 steps towards him! He was proud, and mommy and daddy were so proud of him! And then... when Christmas settled down and he was settled into a nice clean home... Liam walked!!! For the remote that is... typical male!

To prepare ourselves for our upcoming, oh so fabulous photo shoot with Shalonda of Chubby Cheeks Photography (and wait till you see them... she never disappoints and is so much more than a photographer... so much more!), we decided to take Liam for his very first haircut! When the tiny hairs lay on the back of the neck and you have to comb the front bangs to one side so as not to get in the eyes... it is time mom! With much research, I decided on Little Lords and Ladies and made the appointment. One for Liam and one for mommy (not here of course). It is pretty bad when mommy had not cut her hair longer than her son had been growing his. We jumped in the Big Foot and were handed lots of goodies to keep Liam distracted.

Including a basket full of lollipops!
Liam did great while she trimmed... just a little off the top!
and he was definitely curious about the final product.
The girls' reactions were just what needed to feel handsome. Because of course he was.
They even gave us a little remembrance to mark this very special day!


  1. I'm glad Liam enjoys getting his hair cut. Miles despises it and we are now doing it ourselves with clippers in the backyard!

  2. Oh and YAY for walking! Watch out mama. It's ON now!