Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Auld Lang Syne

"This traditional New Years song was put together by Robert Burns, the famous Scottish poet in about 1788. Auld lang syne can be loosely translated "for old times sake". The answer to the question posed in the first verse is NO. We should not forget our old friends. They should be brought to mind. Especially those who are no longer with us."
-Bruce Robinson

Yes, I realize that we are well underway with the new year and I am extremely behind on blog posts. There has been so much fun and so many activities that I am doing good to get them pumped out at this very slow pace and keep my day job and my mommy title in tact!

Happy New Year... Family Style! Just the way the Robinson's like it. This is how we celebrated the new year!
It seems that NYE is almost always a let down. My hope is that some day I will have enough money to throw at New Years to do it right. Dressing up for some fancy course dinner and dancing at a top spot or traveling to New York to be in the very center of it all. But this year, I could not have asked for a better way to ring in 2011. Chris and Ashley are always amazing hosts and now that they are so close we can plan on many more family gatherings. We were thrilled to be included at this family bash!
Ella had received the most wonderful playset for Christmas and Liam wanted to join in on the fun so very badly.
In no time he will be swinging, sliding and climbing with Ella and all her friends!
Chris grilled up some fantastic burgers and then put his fire skills to use once more to help the kids light up the sky with sparklers.
Liam couldn't keep is eyes off of them!
Even us grownups couldn't help ourselves! We drew fun shapes in the sky and Ashley and I played with my camera settings to see if we could capture them. Well.... we tried!
It was a wonderful evening with families, soon to be new families (wink), and friends.
Photography by Ashley Petersen
We just love the Petersen family!
After returning home and putting the little one to bed, Bill and I had a special toast...

To the first birthday of one amazing little boy who has brought so much joy to our lives
To my brother, as he starts a new career here in Houston (we are thrilled for him!)
To a new management role and exciting new work challenge and adventure for me
To a year filled up with amazing friends and the continual growth of those friendships
To celebrating a big birthday for me on 11-11-11
To an unbelievable 6 years with the man of my dreams
To a class reunion and catching up with childhood friends
To all the love and support from our family and spending more quality time with them in the new year.



  1. KRob...love it...your photos, writing, music, and especially your heart!! So blessed to have you in our family. Happy, happy, happiest new year to our IIIs!

  2. Uh Oh. The BIG 3-0!!

  3. In that last group picture, there is a hand on a boob. Dont know if you noticed it, but it made me laugh this morning!! :)

  4. I am blessed to be a part of your family, Ellen.. Happy new year to you as well!

    Not so fast Kim... but very last of the twenties...

    and yes Erin... I noticed after the post... the boob! haha! I should screen more carefully, but who doesn't need a laugh?