Monday, January 31, 2011

Brooks Rocks One!

Strike up the band, Brooks turned one and we were there to celebrate! It is no secret that Brooks has a love for all things music. He's got rhythm and he isn't afraid to shake his groove thang!
As I know I have mentioned before, we have a love affair with the Domann family and feel like we won the lottery when our paths crossed. Our lives have been forever changed by this amazing trio. (Carin's sister is pretty great too!). Brooks and Liam are 5 days apart. I only wish Carin and I would have known each other during pregnancy... but never less we have become great friends now and our boys share in that friendship. We tease because even though we know all babies are different. They all grow and mature and learn and reach milestones in their own time and in their own ways. I get that... Brooks and Liam have been tracking together since pretty much the beginning. SO, we like to call our boys the "normal" ones. You know like when you ask all your other mommy friends... am I crazy? is this normal? and your close friends just laugh and tell you yes. And then there are those of you who have super babies that do everything early and they are just so perfect and you make the rest of us want to never invite you to the playdate again?  Well, Carin is my normal. We never really thought anything different. So the first time I took Liam to a birthday and we got the "how old is he? or oh my goodness he is huge!" or well, you get it. I chose to go back to my "normal" where Liam was not in the 90th percentile and it was little Brooks and little Liam... haha!

They go to the same school and are so completely adorable together. I have visions of little league games and family vacations and I get so excited for them to grow up together.
Of course they will be following right behind the cooler, older, all the girls wanna date: Noah... but I don't think either of them mind because Noah truly is a pretty cool little guy!
It was Brooks' day. And his mom made it so incredibly special. There were drums and pianos and every musical instrument to play in celebration of the big day.
 The cake was amazing...
Even Brooks' dad Trey thought so!
And I could tell that Carin was glowing as much as I did on Liam's day. Our boys are really one. It was such a special day. Carin had musically inclined snacks (pretzel rod drum sticks for example) and the most adorable record theme photos everywhere! It was the perfect be bopin' birthday!
Since our daddy was still hunting, he missed out on the festivities, but Ashley and Ben were there to help mommy! I could not have asked for a more incredible set of God parents for Liam. This photo makes my heart happy. Because I know they will always be there. They love him like he could be one of theirs. They are amazing.
And Liam could not adore Ashley more. She teaches him all the cool stuff like how to throw your arms in the air and say "So Big!" or stick your tongue out and make turkey noises....
Noah even shared his cake.
There is just something about the older kids that the younger ones cannot get enough of. They just cannot help themselves and want to join in so badly. Whether that be the ball pit...
or sticks and a football game.
The ice chest was another favorite of the 'twins.'
And when it was time to exit stage left, we got the most fun tambourine and musical cd that has become our new ride along favorite. In fact, mommy even sings along to Brooks' party hits on her way into work and it makes for one happy morning start to the work day! Thanks Domann family for an amazing day and for your amazing friendship. I truly admire you as parents and I cannot wait to continue on this journey with you and our very special boys!


  1. Brooks is a dollface and I so love his name! Please tell his mama I said so!

    And I love that Noah's mouth is open as he is feeding Liam a piece of his cake. Dean used to do that when feeding Miles!

  2. Holy cow- I know your friend Trey! He used to work with my sister Paige at Kid-Venture! :)
    Hope you are doing well- will send you my new email address!