Monday, December 13, 2010

Work & Play

It is such a busy time of the year. There are errands to run, presents to buy, year-end activities at work, and plenty of holiday parties. In fact Bill's bank Christmas party was on Wednesday night. We were lucky to have Ellen in town to watch Liam because the Houston Producers Forum was the very next night! I did not get any photos from the actual events because I think I would have embarrassed my poor husband, but I managed to get a photo of the entrance as we waited in the valet line at the River Oaks Country Club (Bill's blackberry of course). The parties were quite a contrast - bar food & band to ice sculpture shrimp and valet choir... but we had a great time at both!
On Friday, instead of running a multitude of needed errands or washing loads of laundry or cleaning the house... I spent the day with a wonderful little ten month old because Friday was his day and because sometimes nothing else matters!

We started the morning with a visit to Wonder Wild with Noah and it was a good thing Noah's mom was a pro at getting there because this place is a hard one to find! There was a place for little ones to play fully equipped with one of Liam's favorites... A ball pit!
Noah took a turn on the trains and was a pro. He comes by it naturally!
Ashley braved the huge jungle gym and took Noah down all the big boy slides! She is such a great mom!
But I was not about to enter chasing a ten month old, so we watched from outside.
The boys particularly enjoyed bouncing on the blob.
It is a great place to play for all ages and it is indoors which is a plus! They even had a snack area to feed the littles lunch! Liam and I went home for a nap and rested up for his first class at Gymboree. At first I wasn't so sure and it seemed like all the kids are so good at climbing, etc. But Liam started to get the hang of things! He really enjoyed bubble time, which I was afraid of since he was NOT a fan of the bubble machine I bought and he laughed and giggled the entire music time. It was a great day (no Gymbo pics, sorry!)

On Sunday we delivered our Manna Family gifts with our Sunday School class. We seriously have the greatest class. I love each and every family! We lined up the tables for lunch at Southwells and filled the place with couples and kids. We did get photos, just not with my camera...

And even more shocking? We went to the Robbins house on Sunday to round out the weekend at their tacky sweater Christmas leftover party, and I did bring the camera, just only took 1 photo... crazy I know! Greg and Sayler were so nice to include us and the house was decorated top to bottom! Sayler had the most beautiful tree... a real tree which filled the house with the aroma of Christmas. We really enjoy this amazing family and I am so glad they are our friends!

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  1. HA! Definitely sounds like my weekend. Too busy to even take a picture!