Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Big 11 Months

It's the most wonderful time of the year and this season it is especially wonderful! I cannot believe that we will be celebrating your first Christmas as an eleven month old! When I look back at last years photos and see my big, red belly it seems impossible to believe that it has been a year. What a difference!

It truly amazes me to watch you as you take everything in. You went from pretty much nothing but "da-da" to a few "ma-mas," "ba-bas" and even those most adorable little "bye-bye" I have ever heard. We had gone to dinner at the Petersen's and when it was time to leave Chris waved and said bye to you, in which you quickly responded "by-by" like you did it all the time! It makes me laugh to think about it!
Your favorite new game is to "hide" under a blanket or covers or anything else within your reach and then re-appear to a loud "peek-a-boo!" All we have to say is "Where is Liam?" and the games begin! You are so smart, wink! You have also graduated from your adorable little army crawl to crawling on all fours. That seemed to come out of no where!
We tried a bubble machine in the bath that we thought you would totally be in love with... boy were we wrong! Bubbles, yes... Bubble machine that made a loud noise.. NO WAY! You tried to escape the bath as quickly as possible.
The biggest news to report is that you are trying with all your might to walk! You will take a few steps by yourself and you love going from coffee table to sofa. The look on your face is priceless. You are so proud of what you have accomplished! Look out world... 

You still have the same 7 teeth and I wonder when that bottom 4th is gonna make its presence known! That doesn't stop you from eating just about anything you can get your hands on though. People food is awesome! We even order from the kids menu at restaurants which is so much fun for you to taste! Your poor little ears are still not draining fluid very well and so the ENT gave us the best medicine they have to see if we can clear the infection. Which you don't mind one bit because doctor's orders are to take it with chocolate... Oh my goodness! Chocolate covered cheerios for breakfast?!!!
We are gearing up for your first birthday and mommy is pulling out all the stops! You deserve it all! Stay tuned for the big Hungry Caterpillar Birthday next month!

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