Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Breath of Heaven

Yep, that was us. It feels like it was only yesterday and yet at the very same time it feels like he has always been a part of us. Liam has brought us so much joy this holiday season. I just cannot think of anything that makes me happier than hearing the laughter of my little boy at Christmas and dreaming about all of the Christmas' to come and what 'santa' will bring and what traditions our little family will take on. Family. We have our very own little family and life is pretty perfect. A breath of heaven.
The final touches on our tree this year? Our very special first "Liam" ornaments. 

We even hid goldfish and animal cookies in the Advent box which was a huge hit!
Because we typically travel during Christmas, Bill and I save one special evening reserved for our Christmas. We have pretty much celebrated just the two of us since we were first married. We make hot chocolate and start a fire while stuffing each others stockings full. This year Bill hurried home from the office to meet Liam and I and celebrate our very first Robinson III Family Christmas. 
 My husband blew me away with all the unexpected surprises. Items to make any woman feel truly loved. The plan was to spend the money on the baby for Christmas and then just do a little something for each other. Bill had other plans. Wonderful plans. Plans that included a basket full of scented lotion, gels and perfumes along with a cashmere Burberry scarf in camel. He broke all the rules, but I so love him for it!
We were not sure how Liam would react to opening his gifts, but his response could not have been better. He was thrilled to dig through a stocking loaded with goodies. Of course his favorites included the two toy cars I picked up at target the day before as "extras." 
He carefully picked at the bow, 
Before ripping into the paper and taking a little taste!
It was my very favorite present! His first pair of cowboy boots. I have had them for what seems like forever! It is a wonder I did not lose them. Liam of course, opened the box, realized it was clothing, and quickly closed the box. Such a boy!
Once I got them on his feet, however, he was very proud of them! Now he looks just like dad!
The last of the Fisher-Price toys were opened. A shopping cart! 
I have been blessed with 3 amazing boys (no, we haven't forgotten about our sweet Tucker). This Christmas took my breath away. We celebrated Jesus' birthday and prepared for Liam's. Christmas will never be the same. It only gets better from here!


  1. Thank you for making our Christmas so special. I love you.

  2. Simply beautiful, sweet KRob. We are indeed blessed. Love your blogs and love you!