Thursday, December 30, 2010

Canned Christmas Eve

Since we spent Thanksgiving in San Antonio, Liam's first Christmas was to be celebrated in his Mea and Pop's winter wonderland. Ellen decorated every room in the house with special little treasures. She even put up two trees filled with ornaments. Bruce had a beautiful wood burning fire going and of course the kitchen was loaded with homemade treats to give us reasons for new year resolutions. The aroma of Christmas filled the house and it was perfect.
Christmas is a time for family and good friends. Visits surely have become more complex, but we managed to fit in as many sweet friends as we possibly could. I took Liam over to Aunt Lesa's and boy was he just thrilled to meet GiGi's girlfriends! Lesa had kitty cats and dogs and snacks (a little popcorn ___) and even a extra large frothed tree with retro lights! It was so fun for Lesa and Kerri to meet Liam for the first time, I mean.. about time, right? He figured out pretty quickly what he had been missing! You cannot help but be in giggles with these two. I absolutely love them both! We were only missing Cha Cha!
Buck was so patient

We then met our daddy at the Kingman's for a Robinson family tradition of tamales and tortilla soup. Whenever you are in Liz' kitchen you are in for a rare treat for her middle name should be Betty. Her chocolate pie is second to none and Bill waits all year just to get a taste. I cannot believe that he has suckered her into baking him his very own. He is still savoring the pie!
I had to go back for a second helping of spinach tamales because my precious son devoured an entire tamale and a half!
The Veldman's joined in on the fun this year. Malinda is such a joy to be around and Liam must have felt it too as he leaped into her arms. He is so blessed to have all three of these women surrounding him with lots of love and kisses!
And we cannot forget about Bob the Great! It is so comforting to be under his roof, knowing that if anything happens - you'll be in terrific hands! He always tells the best stories and that distinctive voice you would know anywhere!
Christmas Eve was one big party and Liam got to stay up until 9pm to fit in all the fun! When we got home we all got into "moose pants" and curled up by the fire to listen to Bruce read the real Christmas story from the Bible. It is one of my favorite traditions and it is a wonderful reminder for all of us.
The littlest was snoring away when everyone turned into Santa's elves. Popping up 4 tents and 5 tunneling systems complete with a colorful ball pit! Mea and Pop outdid themselves on this one. It went from one end of the living room curving around into the dining room! What a playland!

We all rushed to bed knowing that a very special, first Christmas morning awaited.

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