Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Girl's Grinch Exchange

It was another party packed week with work functions and our Sunday School Christmas dinner, which we regretfully had to miss due to poor little Liam's fever. Thank you flu shot! On Friday I hosted the 4th annual Girl's Christmas Grinch Exchange. Finding an open date was pretty much impossible so next year we are going to do an after Christmas "Exchange Your Gift" party. All that being said, we had a great group and tons and tons of fun!
It wouldn't be my Christmas party without the famous apple martinis. This time I waited until the party to test them!

We also added a Jingle Bell cocktail and the ever popular pink drink!
As for the pickle hunt, it was Allison who was victorious! Sorry Mary and Alisa!
We talked about who we were going to set our single gals up with... hold on to Steven, Rachael... wink!
 And discussed baby milestones and mommy tips!
When we actually started the exchange, I got so into it that I forgot to take photos! It was the year of the wine glasses. There were several items I had my eye on, but then an apothecary jar was unveiled. It was so absolutely perfect. I had been on the hunt for a fourth jar for Liam's 1st birthday party. It was perfect for the day when the caterpillar ate through 4 strawberries! It was stolen, once... twice.... and I knew it was mine when the only person ahead of me was my sister-in-law. Would you believe that our very own Aunt Nolie stole the jar killing the steal? Maybe she will let us borrow it! Santa is watching... all in total good fun! Plus I know the giver of the jar and she spilled the beans on where to find another! haha!
Then... a little later, Surprise! Alisa rushed over from her hubby's office party just to be with us for a little bit and we were thrilled!
Thanks for helping make Christmas special ladies! And to those of you we missed... mark your calendars for 2011!

For a little bonus... I got to spend a little time with Layla this weekend. She is so yummy!


  1. Girl!! Love your new pic on your blog header! completely precious!!!

  2. Hey Friend!Looks so fun! So sad to miss but put me down for 2011 for sure =) Loved y'alls christmas card!

  3. Looks like the settings work and the pictures is AWESOME! Aren't we lucky we have such a wonderful photographer who sometimes lets her secrets slip!

  4. The party was so fun, and Layla and I loved getting to come over and spend some time with y'all! Love the pictures, thank you again!!

  5. Best day ever! LOVE blog comments! Thanks Erin and Ellen... and yes Kristen, we do have the most wonderful photographer, I will send you the original before blogger messed with it... it is no Shalonda, but still captures the moment!

    I had a great time as well and loved getting to hang with precious Layla... got the Christmas card... that was super fast! so so cute!