Thursday, November 18, 2010

Turkey Tot Trailmix

Just give me a reason to be creative and I salivate! In my next life I want to be a creative planner, but for now I will take every opportunity to get those juices flowing. Having a child has quadrupled the available choices and i am loving every minute. It's almost Thanksgiving... that is enough of an excuse for treats, right? Because after all, Thanksgiving is the season to be Thankful.

We are thankful for family and being surrounded by a group of friends we prayed for when we moved to Houston. We are thankful for our beautiful, healthy little boy. We are thankful for this joyous life that we have been given. We are so very thankful for Liam's amazing teachers that spend their days caring for our precious baby. And we are thankful for his little circle of friends. So, last Monday night, Ashley and I met over at Carin's house to make "Turkey Tot Trailmix." Oh yea baby! Being thankful for these two amazing moms, friends, women.... is an understatement.

It has been kid tested and approved!
And what makes our treats extra special? These adorable little Turkey Tags by Nicole Smith Designs!
Turkey Tot Trailmix
rice & corn chexmix
animal cookies
strawberry puffs

While the moms finished the final touches... Trey came home from work and began to play his guitar for Noah. Trey is awesome with all the children and this was an extra special treat to hear him sing all of the bible school songs! We plan on making a few of their Saturday morning jam sessions. And maybe, just maybe our very own Uncle Steven will join us! Brush off that guitar baby brother... Houston is calling your name... We would be ever so thankful!

Tell us... what are you thankful for?


  1. Great pictures! I just might steal this idea!!!

  2. the snack containers are at Kroger for $1 each... talk about a great, cheap treat!