Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Perfect 10

A perfect ten months. I know that I say this with each passing month, but it truly is hard to believe that time is passing by so quickly. That you are quickly going to be defined by years instead of months.

Despite the nasty stomach bug that you caught at daycare lasting a whopping 7 days, you weigh in at 22 pounds which according to infant growth.com puts you in the 61st percentile. You are also 30.5inches give or take as you no longer sit still long enough for us to measure. This means the 92nd percentile. No wonder everyone you meet thinks that you are so much older!
It was one jam packed month full of activities and new milestones! It was your first Halloween experience... silly monster!
Bath time has gotten so much more interesting now that you can plop on your belly and "swim." This and attempting to pull up using the water spout (despite all of my efforts o cover and distract you) are the new favorites during the bath.
And yes, the tub is now filled full of toys. But you can always find the purple dinosaur and the yellow duck. And who wouldn't love a Ritz Carlton duck that your Mea got you? I think you managed to like the cheapest (free) and the most expensive toy in the tub!

I would say that your vocabulary included momma; however that one has left you this month and it is strictly "da da." We are working on waving hi and bye bye. You love opening and closing the door on your playhouse to practice.
You fall into giggles when we ask "How big you are" and throw our hands up to say "SO BIG!" But... laughing is about all we get out of that one! You still love to point out eyes, nose and mouth... and you recently discovered the fantastic noise your lips will make if you rub your hand over them and blow! But you absolutely favorite is giving high fives and you are super great at it!

You are now pulling up anything and everything you can grasp in those little hands.
I caught you!

Good Morning! How is my do?
Who says being sick has to get you down?
I cannot believe that I am saying this, but you have discovered the walker! You proudly push it around the house as if you just gained the most independence in the world! We have had a couple of tumbles due to over confidence. You are just so eager to walk all by yourself that you sometimes forget that you cannot balance by yourself quite yet!

We started the holiday season a little early at your school's party. Ms. Marta and Ms. Amanda are such awesome teachers and you love them so much! It truly makes me happy when you light up to see them. It means they are taking great care of you.
You are such an amazing joy and words cannot express how much you are loved. This holiday season is going to be the very best yet!


  1. He is so big and does look so much older! Look out Mama, that Christmas tree is coming DOWN! Miles was doing the same at 8 months last year. Be careful!

  2. I can't believe how big he is, what a sweetie! I feel like we were just visiting you in the hospital and I was holding a newborn, and now all of a sudden he's a handsome little boy!