Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shopping has Changed

This past weekend, Carin and I took on the world of shopping with two bundled 9 month olds. The weather was amazingly beautiful and the company... just as awesome.
We packed an age appropriate lunch and sat outside where the birds could pick up the fallen pieces. The boys did so good.
We felt so accomplished. Like maybe we could go shopping again. Like maybe this kind of shopping, even though it takes twice as long, could be okay. That we would be okay. That two new moms could actually carry on a conversation, purchase Christmas present goodies, change diapers in a public restroom, feed lunch and eat lunch and still come out of it alive! Here's to our new way of shopping. Here's to the boys who didn't make a fuss. Here's to the adorable shop ladies who thought our littles were twins. Here's to shopping with Carin and Brooks. We had a lovely day.

To top off a great weekend, Uncle Steven and "aunt" Rachael came over for some Liam love. Liam showed off his great new skill of pushing the walker to music and was thrilled to be the center of attention. We are so thrilled that Uncle Steven is in Houston more and can come and play... ummm babysit? wink!

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  1. Shopping will never be the same again. Actually, nothing will ever be the same!