Monday, November 1, 2010


I have a ginormous sweet tooth. Next to aisles and aisles of new school supplies, nothing else excites me quite like millions of individual packages of all my favorites. I do not enjoy being spooked. I am scared of creepy critters and crawlers. Spiders, snakes, devils, goblins, blood, goo, slime, and darkness are all things I can do without. Despite all those things, I can still say that the sugary goodness far outweighs the bad and Halloween can be considered one of my favorite holidays!
And why should littles under the age of one not be able to celebrate as well? For Liam's classmates, I put together a pumpkin goodie bucket filled with adorable infant Halloween socks, pumpkin apple organic baby food, a kazoo, stickers, anti-bacterial in Halloween flavors for mom, candy corn tissues, play dough, and monster bubbles! Nicole Smith designs did our favor tags. It was the perfect touch. She does amazing work.
A favorite Halloween memory is spreading out after gathering all of our loot and setting up a candy shop with my brother. We would buy, sell, and trade treats for hours until we were satisfied with the perfect mix. Mom always came up with the cutest costumes and having an artist in the family means your cat face almost looks real! I have been a cat, Pippie Longstocking, a mime, a cheerleader, raggedy Ann, and the list goes on. I had to come up with the perfect costume for Liam. I knew that I wanted something in his favorite color, green, but all of the costumes were either incredibly hot or ridiculously expensive for an infant who would most likely be in the costume for less than 15 minutes. I am a little alligator crazy and I searched high and low, but settled on this adorable little turtle.
I knew that we had chosen the perfect costume when Liam plopped down and started to scurry across the lawn. This cute little shell followed... he is one fast turtle!
Happy Halloween!

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