Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One Fish, Two Fish

It is unbelievably Houston hot.
And so we decided to take Liam to the downtown aquarium last Saturday to explore a little of the world under the sea. We met Noah and Ben there as well. And Elliott was such a trooper!
I love watching Liam experience new things. His eyes followed back and forth while sea turtles swam by, just as curious about him as Liam was about them.
I have always had a thing for aquariums. They are so calming. So colorful. So amazing to watch.
When we were little my grandmother used to take us to the pet store and we were able to pick out any creature we so desired. It was probably one of my favorite memories of all time. It was so great to choose a pet to be 'responsible' for. A pet of my very own! We took home lizards, iguanas, turtles, frogs, countless hermit crabs and this one time a guinea pig that got loose in the sticker bushes and was squealing in part because we were chasing her and partly because she was getting poked at every turn. I don't think we were allowed anymore of those! And now that I have a child... his grandmother better NOT allow for 'any pet he chooses!' Now that I think about it... my mommy was so cool!

More than not my choices involved a fish tank. Maybe it was the sounds of the motor in the water as it made air bubbles into the tank or maybe it was the extra night light in my room or maybe it was just that they were so beautiful to watch esp. when one couple fish hatched babies.
I was so excited that Liam seemed to enjoy the underwater adventure as much as I had hoped.
Liam and Noah took turns in the scuba gear.
We even got to see a real white tiger. I know, at the aquarium?
They had such a good time watching the baby sting rays and touching the starfish!
And what trip wouldn't be complete without a ride on an alligator and a shark?

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