Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Month Seven

Really? 7 months already? Surely this has to be some kind of mistake!

Make no mistake, Liam turned seven months on Sunday. It is so hard to believe, but I truly love watching him grow. Watching him learn how the world works. Watching him take on new challenges and explore new things. Watching such a curious little boy as he takes in new experiences and trying to capture each moment to freeze it!
He is a perfect mixture of mommy and daddy. It is almost as if God hand picked each feature alternating parents, grandparents, aunt/uncle and even a little cousin.

And he is marked! We say it is where his angel wings fell off. I have to admit I am jealous as I always envied those with birthmarks. We have started to notice it more and more because it darkens as he sits!

He can say "mamma" but not on purpose so it really doesn't count. I am just thrilled that he can say it even if he doesn't know it. He practices mimicking our sounds like "hi" and "yum." He loves to scream as loud as he can and then smile at you like he did something magnificent!

He has gotten much better at holding his bottle and picking up little puffs to eat off his highchair table.
We ordered the Britax convertible car seat as he is getting so heavy for me to lug around in his infant car seat. He is 19 pounds, 10 ounces now and his little feet peek off the edges at 28 inches. Crawling? Almost... Liam gets up on all fours and rocks. I am sure that is right around the corner.

I love you, my sweet seven month old!

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  1. Wow. 7 months? I can't believe it either!

    Rocking? Crawling is coming SO.SOON mama. Watch out!

    I neve realized Liam and Miles were only 10 months apart!