Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

We are saying Goodbye to 2009 and looking forward to a wonderful and exciting 2010! After 9 weeks of bed rest for our little boy... we were given the green light this New Year's Eve from our doctor that our baby was doing great and that I am clear to get up in 2 weeks! I am making a priority list now of all the little things we have left to do because if my current contraction count means anything, we will most likely be seeing our little boy in January instead of his February prediction! He is head down and ready for this world! Of course we want to keep him in as long as possible, but we truly feel blessed that we have made it to the green zone! Our hutch came in to finish off the nursery furniture and all we have left are the baby essentials and of course #2 and #3 GiGi paintings!
There was no champaign toast for me this New Year's Eve, but I was able to enjoy a little of the celebration sitting down at Ladd and Alisa's home! Happy New Year friends and family and thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers!
Earlier this week, Elliott Hillock, who was on leave from the Army, came to visit. It was really great to see him and catch up!
And... if you were wondering what an 8 1/2 (34 week - maybe a little over) looks like... here ya go! And yes, I am aware I am wearing horizontal stripes to all my girlfriends... haha! wink!

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