Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baby Liam!

We are proud to announce the arrival of our baby boy, William Stone Robinson! After much debate, we have decided to call him Liam for short. Words cannot express how much we are in love with this little guy - can you tell that I have officially lost track of time as I have not been as timely in my posts?

Bill and I could not have imagined how much our lives would change when we woke up on the morning of January 22. I began to have my regular contractions (as I did most days being on bed rest for 11 weeks, and carried on with my daily errands until around 11:30PM when I determined that I should stop off at the doctor's office as the weekend was approaching and I wanted to be sure that everything was alright. I had dilated to almost a 3 and was 100% effaced, so they admitted me into Labor and Delivery. I immediately called Bill and then the grandparents to let them know that Liam was on his way! All I can say is that women who have natural births are my heroes... By 12:30 they had put in the epidural and around 2:30 my doctor came to check on my progress... I thought that she would say that we had dilated to a 5 which would have been great - imagine my shock to hear... "There is the head!" I could not have asked for a better partner than my husband... he was truly amazing! Liam entered the world at 6 pounds and almost 11 ounces. We are so blessed to have a perfectly healthy baby boy. Our world has forever changed for the better.

A special thanks to GiGi and Mea for all the home help! We are truly grateful to have two amazing mothers who helped us out tremendously!

Dr. Sinacori is the greatest doctor ever! Right after delivery...

Our little family
Such a proud daddy!
3 Generations

A Grandfather pass... Duggar and Pop
Bringing home baby Liam

Tucker loves little Liam

Look at our Dimples!

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  1. So proud of you, Kate! Liam is just adorable! Welcome to the world of Mommy! It's a great place to be! Congrats to you and Bill!