Friday, November 13, 2009

A Birthday Surprise!

Wednesday I celebrated my 27th birthday and being 27 weeks pregnant! Plans for the day? Hanging out watching movies in bed with the baby and the dog! I have to say that I was a little bummed that this year I would be celebrating in bed, so Bill came home early and helped to wash and dry my hair and setup the sofa in living room to change my scenery. I also put on comfy clothes rather than pajamas to feel a little more normal! Little did I know that the girls were planning a birthday surprise (thanks to the master minds Alisa and Ashley for putting everything together). It truly brightened my birthday and was such a wonderful surprise. Ashley, Alisa and Jackie came running down the hall with balloons and the other girls showed up with so many wonderful gifts, food, etc. It was a really great evening! I also managed to stand up for 1 minute while Bill took a 27 week bump photo! After all the excitement, we did have a little set back on contractions, but everything is fine and we are taking it super easy this weekend! We also got our gestational diabetes test back and I passed with flying colors... take that to all you guys who thought the candy queen wouldn't pass! I know how to handle my sugar... wink!!!

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