Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Making the "Honey Do" List

I am posting a tad out of order, but in an effort to meet my new year resolution goals, I am posting as soon as I edit... or lack of edits... I have two amazing little 2 year old birthdays to post and I promise they are coming, but for now... let's talk about Nathan and Diana!

This Saturday I had the privilege to host a His and Hers shower for a pretty incredible couple with such a fun story. As far as love stories go, this one is going to be well written. They just purchased their first home and are getting ready for their March wedding. We all brought items to help Nathan with his "Honey Do" list. They were twitterpated, gazing into each other's eyes over a toothbrush holder and bathroom trashcan. And what says love more than a leaf blower? yep... I think these crazy kids are going to make it!

Diana and I met while both working on a similar project at Accenture. I believe it was her first project and I am pretty sure that... well, let's just say it might not have totally been what she expected for a first assignment. Through it all... we bonded. When the project dust settled, I actually took up permanent residence at Spectra and Diana moved on to another project, but then ended up following a journey back to Texas A&M to earn her MBA (these Doughty girls are brilliant). Would you believe that years later, I hear through the channels that Diana took a position at Spectra? We were meant to be colleagues! When I returned from maternity leave... like the day, Diana stopped by and we started to pick up where we left off. It was then that I learned that her sister, Carin had just given birth to a son who happens to be 5 days younger than our Liam. And if this world couldn't get any smaller, they were going to be in the same class at the same school. Today, I am not sure what I do without Carin... I feel like I have known her my entire life and certainly one of the top on my list of inspiring women in my life. Carin and Diana are both beautiful, successful, uplifting and such incredible friends. I am so blessed that our paths have criss-crossed! I could not be more excited for this family with a new baby on the way and a wedding right around the corner.
I really enjoyed getting to know more of their friends and family.
Our party planner and home hostess set the perfect tables with paint can flower pots, tools, honey do post-its and 'borrowed' paint samplers! If you are ever throwing a party, she is your goto lady. Have a theme in mind? I bet she has the perfect decor for you.
The Chicken Poblano was delicious!
It was such a fun evening and the other two hostesses had me in stitches all night. Oh My Goodness... I am not kidding... I could hang out with these ladies all weekend. I felt like a bunch of little school girls. And we may or may not have caused a kitchen flood right before the party because we may or may not have left the water running to overflow a pitcher. If you ever want to go grab drinks ladies... I am in! I am laughing just thinking about these two!
missing Nancy!
Congratulations Nathan and Diana. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and could not be more thrilled for you both. The countdown has begun.