Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Canned Trip

We were long overdue a trip to our hometown of Corsicana. And even though I was dreading the car ride especially the weekend after our trip to NOLA, we had a great time traveling through memory lane and visiting family! Mea scored some sparklers for us to celebrate the New Year. These were not your regular sparklers! They were SUPER sparklers that seemed to last forever and gave off the most divine glow!
I was in photographer's heaven!
And even though my camera hasn't been released yet and I still get grainy photos with higher ISOs... I still managed to get a few shots that I was happy with... as a non-paying mom!
Mea and Pop's house was still fully decorated and their front porch was the perfect landing strip for Santa's sleigh! Liam thought it was so cool!
It was really great to see our dear friend Elliott and to properly catch up!
The boys found the basket of Bill's old guns to play with. I get that it might make me a bad parent to allow my two year old to play with toy guns; however the "pow" isn't taught. It is ingrained in little boys, somewhere in their DNA pattern there is a gun shooting sequence.
Stick em' up! (and for all my dear Tech friends, this one is for you)
and don't you wish you had these mad skills?
Aunt Grandmother Mary and Grandmother Billie Love came over for dinner and we laughed until our sides hurt. These two are no joke hilarious! A pair of comedians I tell you! We had more fun with them! Liam sat right in between them at dinner time. Who wouldn't want to be next to these gorgeous ladies?
For lunch the next day we ate at the gourmet kitchen of Casa Dolores! Gran always makes the best meal.. even if Liam requested grilled cheese! We loaded into the car and headed out to papaw's shop(it will always be papaw's shop). It was getting a facelift since the fire and Hip Hip Hooray we got to hug Uncle Kenny's neck! Liam swept a few floors and then had a ball feeding the goat and petting the rabbits in the back. It was our very own petting zoo!
 After nap, Liam was still a little groggy, but we all perked up when we heard the musical sound of the ice cream truck!!! Only in a small town do you still get curb side service. (Even if Mea and Pop had to chase her down) Liam kept going outside and asking for the ice cream man... hands down the best afternoon snack!
For an extra show the police showed up when a rabid skunk showed his face in the street. They followed him into the neighbor's yard, pulled out the shotgun and poor Mr. skunk went night, night! You gotta love a small town. Thank you Corsicana police department!
That afternoon we had a 2 year photoshoot on the train tracks out where mommy used to live. Corsicana does have a photographer's landscaping dream... I saw a million spots! I was so happy to have my son as a client for once!
(photos to come)

The next day, we headed to Lion's Head Park. Talk about bringing back memories! Even though the fountain doesn't work anymore and the slides are a little steep and rusty ( no wonder my brother and I both had ER visits growing up!), all the equipment was still there!
The new section of the park was so cool! There was a ship to climb.
A real police car...
and an old Firetruck!
Driving the firetruck was clearly the winner for the day!
We got our first skinned pavement owie but that was just to prove we were all boy and so tough! Then went to try out the Merry-go-round.

So I take it back... this was the hit of the day! round and round and round! I was totally dizzy just watching!
 We got a little more love from Grandmother and had a showdown with plastic solo cups! I am pretty certain that Pop and Liam won!
We had such a fun visit. It always seems to fly by way too fast! Missing you already!


  1. What a Great Trip! Great Pics sweetheart! The Can is great to visit.

  2. Amazing pics as always, KRob. Sweet time. Great memories. Blessed family. We loved, loved, loved having you! Baboo, Mea

  3. Omg, I cannot! believe the cops came out to shoot a skunk!! How is that legal? Are any skunks shootable (apparently that words doesn't exist!) in Texas or Corsicana? Neverthless, I miss Corsicana/just seeing the grass gives me the feel of being at my 2nd home! Also, that bunny picture is so cute! The fireworks pics are very cool!