Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend we went to Corsicana for Canton weekend! Next time I think we will bring walkie talkies as our cell phones did not work... you mean we actually have to come up with meeting spots and times to keep up with one another? We totally rely on technology these days! The boys played golf while we stocked up on pillows and other fun items! Lauren Null, Holland, and Elaine met us at the Baked Potato and it was so much fun to see them! Holland is precious! She was smiling and flirting with the little boy next to us... so cute! Saturday night we continued the fun at Atwell and Amanda's engagement party at the Goins. It was really fun to catch up with some of the Corsicana friends. Monday, Bill and I spent the day cleaning out the spare room for the nursery! We are ready for furniture! Yea! Great work honey!

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  1. Your Mom looks great!!! Glad you had fun at Canton. You can find lots of stuff there for nurseries!