Tuesday, May 5, 2009


This weekend was Amelia's bachelorette party in Lakeway! The house that we rented was so amazing and I had such an awesome time with the girls! After a relaxing day on the lake, we all decided to head back up to the house for showers, dinner, and more silly girl fun... so i thought! Around 7PM that night i thought i had been bitten by a mosquito. This was the start of my hive outbreak! I began to blister under both arms, then onto my sides, legs, and neck! My parents ended up coming to get me at around midnight since they were the closest and I proceeded to take benadryl through the night until my hives had gone down. Luckily no emergency visit, but i am still on the benadryl. I cannot believe that this happened to me and have no idea where they came from. Here are some pictures before the scary hives!

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