Monday, July 27, 2009


After weeks of doctor visits and trips to A&M, we finally got to bring our little dog home from surgery. Our poor little guy had been through the ringer! MRI, Spinal tap, x-rays, middle ear removal, etc. were just  a few of the things that Tucker had to go through. Preliminary diagnosis was a staff infection that deformed his middle ear bone from the pressure and formed a large mass. We will be able to totally rule out tumor once the biopsy results are in. He still has his head tilt, but we are optimistic that it will improve over the next couple of weeks. He will be on meds for another 6 weeks and this horrible cone that he hates until Friday, but boy are we glad to have him back. If Bill or I leave the room for a second he whimpers. Poor little guy. He is also on a chicken diet... lets just hope we can get him to eat his real food when it comes time! It is so wonderful to have him home with us!


  1. His look says it all.

  2. Poor little guy. I feel ya about the conehead. Maddie had to have one after her surgery too. It was too long for her head and when she would try to eat, the cone would push the bowl away from her!