Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Big Reveal!

When Bill and I found out that we were expecting, we thought that it would only be appropriate to reveal the wonderful news to our parents by way of photography! Their reactions were priceless! It was perfect to be able to tell our parents on Father's Day... Bruce wanted a digital photo frame for his office, so Bill and I loaded several of our favorite photos and had the final photo be one of the positive pregnancy test. I think we definitely caught them by surprise:

By the time we were able to reveal the surprise to my parents, we were headed to San Antonio for my dad's birthday, Father's Day, and my brother's graduation. We did not want to take away from their big day, but we thought it would be great since they would not expect it and since everyone was in the same place. We had the first sonogram picture by then and we had a silver photo frame engraved with Happy "Grand" Father's Day! Again, their shock was priceless! 

Since our little travel bug was all over the place we had to wait a little while to nail her down in one spot to reveal the great news. I think she was super excited as well. We are crossing our fingers for Maggie to move to Houston!

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