Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Botox? No, Braces!

So, as many of you know, I recently got braces this past Monday. The good news is that they hope to re-align my jaw with braces rather than surgery... The bad news is that I have braces. For those of you who know me really well... I have an addiction to jelly beans and coke Zero: Two things that I had to quit cold turkey! I am going to be dreaming of beans and caffeine for about 2 years... Man, what did I ever do to you?
Here is a not so great picture that i took with my iPhone just so you can see my new good looks! (Seriously, between getting my wires hooked on my cheeks, rubbing blisters, talking funny, and having metal on my teeth, I am one hot catch!)


  1. Bill is so lucky to have a hot chick like you! I think the braces look cute - although I doubt the inside of your cheeks would agree.

  2. You made my day! I cannot wait for baby Artall! I hear that they induced you this morning!

  3. You are BEAUTIFUL!