Sunday, April 5, 2009

April Showers Bring May Weddings!

This week has been pretty busy for us. We lost our third grandfather of the year and traveled to Corsicana for the funeral. I got spacers put in to prepare me for lovely braces - someone should have warned me of the pain of spacers! There is only one good thing about having braces as an adult: WINE! 

Saturday night Bill and I went to a couples wedding shower for Amelia and Jeremy. Congrats you guys! We had such a good time and afterwards we went out to The Roof for an after party. (and no that is not food in my teeth, they are my purple spacers! Just wait till next week's post when i have a metal mouth!)


  1. Braces? WHAT? Your teeth are very purdy. Why do you need braces now?

  2. TMJ and crowding... it is either break my pallet or braces - I know, what a pain~ You are too sweet! Cannot wait till baby!