Saturday, March 10, 2012

Glimpses Week 10

They are heros. And last tuesday evening, when a tree crash caused our entire neighborhood’s power to go out, they performed more than one heroic act of protecting a live wire. They left a huge imprint on one little boy’s world. Which made the 4 hours without power bearable. These men could have simply done the task their chief had assigned, but instead they took the time to show Liam what it takes to be a fireman. They let him drive the truck, sound the airhorn, listen to the siren, run the waterhose, fill back up with the hydrant, and even wear their hat. I cannot thank these incredible men enough for being so wonderful to my son. We were all worn out from working all day and the last thing we wanted was to come home to a power outage. Liam still talks about those firemen. They are famous in our house. It turned out to be an amazing night! Thank you so much to our neighborhood heros!

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  1. These pics do a great job capturing his excitement! Way to go!